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To Learn

The Episcopal Church of the United States is part of the Anglican Communion. Our faith is based on three foundations: scripture, tradition, and reason. This means that learning about God’s word, and how we should respond to it, is central for us. Thus a primary part of St. Paul’s mission is “to learn.”

The Episcopal Church’s website’s Visitor’s Center explains our faith this way:

Episcopalians believe that every Christian must build an understanding and relationship with God’s Word in the Bible, and to do that, God has given us intelligence and our own experience, which we refer to as “Reason.” Based on the text of the Bible itself, and what Christians have taught us about it through the ages, we then must sort out our own understanding of it as it relates to our own lives.

To live out this part of our mission, we uphold the Anglican tradition of following a Lectionary, or Bible readings that are read throughout the Episcopal Church on the same days. St. Paul’s also has a variety of programs that help us discern our individual relationships with God and our personal ministries.