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The Friday Guild

The Friday Guild has existed at St. Paul’s for over 60 years, and is a fellowship group to which many of the older women of our parish belong.

Each year, the Friday Guild helps fund a variety of parish projects, including Haiti, Habitat for Humanity, Meals-on-Wheels, the Food Pantry, and the Day School. The fall rummage sale, called the ABC Sale, is a joint project with the Day School that helps to fund these projects. Guild members are also involved in visiting and helping the aged and sick, in The Christian Community Action Groups, Church Women United of Kansas City, United Thank Offering, and the Christmas Bazaar work of sewing, knitting, and collecting items to be sold at Christmas time. Guild members also set aside time to make the over 700 palm crosses distributed annually at St. Paul’s on Palm Sunday.

All women in the church are invited to join the Friday Guild at 12:15 on the Fridays listed below, for a delightful luncheon, enthusiastic fellowship, and interesting programs:

Luncheons are held every other month, March through November, on the second Friday (March, May, July, September, & November)
There are no luncheons in January or February
In December, the Bazaar Luncheon is held on the first Friday

March 13 Luncheon Program
“Good Reading You Should Not Miss!!”, by Katie Stover, Director of Reader Services, Plaza Library

Past Luncheon Programs Have Included:
“In the Eye of the Storm – Haiti Today” presented by Sarah Cool & Easom Bond
ECS & the Theology of Service” presented by Jay Lehnertz
“Women as Ritual-makers: Extending Liturgy into Home & Work” presented by Susan Smith
“Rethinking Advent & Christmas” presented by Rev. Katie Brennan Homiak
“The Changing Game” presented by The Senior Barn Players
“The K.C. Museum – Part of K.C.‘s Rich Heritage” presented by Christopher Leitch
“Traveling the Freedom Path: Quilts & the Underground Railroad” presented by Kathy Freshwater
“The History of Swimsuits” presented by Lisa Shockley, Curatorial Specialist for the KC Museum
The History of the Bent-Ward House (the 44th Symphony Designer Showhouse), by Karen Hodson
“Charles Lindbergh & Maurice Sendak – the Connection”, by Julia Murray
“Ireland – A Mother Country”, by Bill Buckner

To Learn More …

Please make lunch reservations by calling the church office (816.931.2850).