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In 1988, the Rev’d Murray Trelease, then rector of St. Paul’s, led this parish into a covenant with the church and community of Ravine a l’Anse, Haiti. Dr. Herb and Nettie Davis led a mission to establish in Ravine a l’Anse a sister school to our day school, a school now known as l’Ecole Ste.-Croix.

The Delacot family of Ravine a l’Anse donated land, and the school began in lean-to tents. Since that time, three buildings to house the growing school have been built. This past year, l’Ecole Ste.-Croix enrolled and fed 276 students, and several students have gone on to higher education.

St. Paul’s has fully embraced this mission in Haiti, by designating funds from our budget to finance work in Ravine a l’Anse, and by sending, at least once a year, a team of parishioners to Haiti to volunteer their time and talents to help the people of Ravine a l’Anse. We have provided medical and dental care, immunizations, education, nutrition, and are currently working on establishing a supply of clean water for the students and families of Ravine a l’Anse. In addition to our work with the people of Ravine a l’Anse, it is a great joy to simply be with them, to see the children, and to see firsthand the work God is doing in this place.

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We need volunteers to help us with this mission, to travel to Haiti, and to contribute ideas and financial resources. The cost to educate one student, including books, supplies, and medicine, but not including food, is about $55 a year. The cost including food is about $120 a year. If you would like more information, would like to make a contribution, or would like to travel to Haiti on the next trip, contact Ellen Aisenbrey through the church office (816.931.2850).