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Stewardship at St. Paul’s is an ongoing expression of our lived, baptismal faith. It is not limited or defined by the annual cycle of fund-raising. Instead, it is our goal to suggest that our proper response of prayer, thanksgiving, and faith directed toward God should be reflected in the ways we commit our time, our resources, our commitment, our finances, and our priorities to God.

The church, as a concrete expression of God’s intent and purpose in our lives and our world, is one environment or system in which we live out our baptism. Together, this becomes an expression of our stewardship of God’s blessings in our lives.

To be sure, there is a financial aspect to this. Each year, as a part of the ongoing exploration of our relationship with God and the mission and ministry to which God calls us, we do ask people to make a financial commitment to the parish. In our sacramental tradition, we are asking each of us to make an outward and visible expression — a pledge — of something that is inward and spiritual — a relationship with God.

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Holy Eucharist
April 2, 2015
Middle Eastern Meal
Parish Hall
April 2, 2015
Maundy Thursday Liturgy
April 2, 2015
Food Pantry Open
April 3, 2015
Good Friday Liturgy
April 3, 2015
Soup & Bread
April 3, 2015

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