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St. Paul’s has a rich history of good church music. When founded in 1891, there was a quartet of parishioners who took their work seriously, practicing together often and long, and producing a carefully planned and prepared program of very beautiful music each Sunday. In April of 1893, the Rev. J.J. Purcell organized a vested choir of five girls; the parish paid each girl fifteen cents per week. In a later rectorate, the girls were replaced with a vested choir of eighteen boys.

In 1913, Clarence (“Pop”) Sears became the organist/choirmaster and a full compliment of choirs — consisting of men, women, boys and girls — was organized. These choirs were famous for their annual performances of Felix Mendelssohn’s “St. Paul Oratorio” on our Patron Saint’s Feast Day. A choir of men and boys remained a staple at St. Paul’s until attrition caused its demise in 1970.

In 1902, a “sweet-toned” organ was purchased and later moved to our present building when completed in 1906. The organ was rebuilt in 1933 with the addition of 300 pipes. In 1966, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the church, a new organ was purchased. This was made possible through a bequest by the family of Blanche McPike. In 2002, this organ, built by the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, OH, was completely renovated, revoiced with new reed stops, and expanded with two 32’ stops.

St. Paul’s Church has had a long history of talented musicians. Most of the organist/choirmasters have served multiple decades each, providing both growth and stability for the music program. The music of St. Paul’s, since its beginning, centers around traditional music of all different types, spanning the entire historical and stylistic spectrum.